Nanoplate-based digital PCR technology – a new era of nucleic acid detection and quantification

Date: Friday, September 2
Time: 12:15pm – 2:00pm
Room: Marquis Salons 7 -10


Prof. Dr. Bruce McCord
Florida International University (FIU)

John Chuckalovcak, Senior Business Development Manager, dPCR Applied Testing
North America, QIAGEN

In our symposium, we will present the advantages of dPCR over qPCR. We will also show examples of how the human identification (HID) and forensic community can utilize this technology and its future applications.

Our guest speaker, Prof. Dr. Bruce McCord from Florida International University, will present the results of developing a nanoplate-based dPCR assay for species identification with mixture deconvolution and other applications for dPCR technology.